Sunday, December 14, 2014

COMC Black Friday Pt 1

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Like all good card collectors, I went nuts for COMC's Black Friday special. The best part was the free shipping that allowed me to finally bring home the goodies I've been accumulating over the last 6 months. Here's the first batch that arrived in the mail yesterday. 

I doubt I'll be able to accumulate the amount of Chrome Gordon's I did from 2013, but that's cool because 2013 Topps > 2014 Topps.

Why is this #'d to 170? I don't know.

I'm not big on buybacks, but these were sharp enough to justify the dollar or so I spent on them.

It's interesting that they'd use a photo of McRae from 1994 on a card celebrating the 70's.

I bragged recently about grabbing this for $5. You can keep your high dollar prospect Chrome autographs, I'll stick to bargain hunting legends.

I count 4 chins.

My Humboldt Homeboy.

Sad to see Josh retiring. I would have taken him at DH in 2015 over effing Kendrys Morales.

Sexiest Blue Border Beauties of 2014 goes to the above.

I picked up this sexy booklet for about $10, more than I usually spend on non-Royals. The feud between Piazza and Clemens captivated me during the Summer of 2000, so I had to own one of the few cards that acknowledges (albeit in a wink-wink manner).

The classic Houstin pinstripes...

I have zero idea what the above piece of material is from. It's rubbery.

That's from a trafficking-used club that gangsters used to threaten Yasiel with until his agent coughed up the money to get him across the border.


  1. Holy Moley. That's an insane haul, bro.

  2. Nice cards. I, too, would have taken Willingham over Morales, especially with that $10.5 MM he is getting in 2016.

  3. Great haul. I got a bunch of COMC stuff I'll be showing off in the next week also