Wednesday, December 17, 2014

COMC Black Friday Part 2

Despite being the best non-pitcher on the Royals, Alex Gordon rarely gets much love from Topps. Whenever I can find one of these quad-relics from 2013 Museum, I'm on it. I think I own five now. This is firmly the second best behind the one in the website header. I believe the upper left piece is from the KC logo sleeve patch.

I'll never own one of every Mike Sweeney relic card, but I'll sure try.

A beautiful card as is... except it's Tiffany (Night Owl just rolled his eyes). I'm a high-roller like that.

I honestly don't remember Rod Myers, but it's a sexy BBB.

Jeff King had the best Royals 'stache in decades.

Fracta Matrix = Superfractor pattern before superfractors fracted.

More Tiffany.

Banny has a fantastic signature, which more than makes up for the Mets uni he's wearing on this Royals card.

Sal was a crappy backup for KC, Oakland, KC again, Colorado, Anaheim, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York (AL), Toronto and Cleveland managing just 245 hits over 11 seasons.

Finding Jayhawk cards is tough.

Tiffany Sabes RC

My idol.

Museum Apes

No idea who that guy is or why I bought it. I'm thinking it may have been mistakenly tossed in.

Gary G, one of my favorite short-term Royals.

SkyBox parallel!

Awesome on the front.

Crap on the back.

Rakuten Eagles second baseman, Kaz Matsui.

The elusive '84 Update XRC.

Now a Marlin.

I hoard these, with or without the signature.