Saturday, November 30, 2013

Still Hungover from Turkey

Relax, I'm alive. Despite a serious turkey hangover that still hasn't subsided, I'm still kickin'. For once I didn't let Black Friday sucker me in with outstanding deals on crap I don't need and nobody I know would want for Christmas, so I spent the day recuperating and chopping prices on my COMC inventory. I managed by far my biggest sales day yet with COMC yesterday thanks to the Black Friday special they're running. Not only have I undercut everybody, I'm running it at 40% because I'm tired at looking at most of the stuff in my inventory. I was hoping other sellers would feel the same way, but the majority are selling at like 10% off.

Check out my deals!

I've tried hard to avoid buying, but some deals have been too good to be true. Here are the steals I nabbed yesterday.
I'm not a Cardinals fan, but I grew up hearing stories of the great Cardinal teams of the '60s. 
The SP that has eluded me all season.
Despite his reputation, I've always liked Jason Giambi. I couldn't pass up his autograph for $4.
I wish these gold parallels had a different color swatch, but since Gordo is on it I had to grab it.
As sad as it is, you can get an autograph of the most accomplished Royal of the last 20 years for just a dollar.
I don't want to like Big Game James. If he didn't exist, I'd still have Wil Myers to fill my dreams. Nonetheless, he's to likable not to like. 
I've got a few hundred cards set to be added to COMC by the end of the day, so check again later for some new stuff at stupid low prices. I apologize for the longish absence, but with the season winding down and the holidays approaching I let myself slip a bit. If you've sent me a package recently and haven't heard back, then yes, I have received it and I sure as hell have enjoyed it. Look for a post or two recapping a few great trade hauls from the last couple weeks soon.

I'm still taking entries for the Typhoon Haiyan Charity Break! Again, it's a matter of when, not if, this break will happen. I've had just a few hard signups, but there are a good amount of you who have said you may want in but cash is tight. Believe me, I understand. Unfortunately the cleanup and recovery in the Philippines won't happen overnight, so when we're able to make it happen, our donation will still do a world of good. Steel City Collectibles has already said they'll throw in a few goodies for door prizes.

My goal is to make sure no one leaves without a "prize" of some sort, whether it be a hit from the break, a door prize or something from my own collection. If the break doesn't fill completely then I'll just auction off the cards from the unsold teams with the proceeds going directly to Childfund International. If you're holding out to see if I lower prices, then you might be disappointed. If this break was just for my enjoyment then I'd wheel and deal all day, but I think the price set right now is more than fair. Of course I'm willing to work with anyone who wants to grab their team but can't pay right away. There's a strong chance I'll add a box or two to the current list when I come across a good deal. As of now, I am hoping this break takes place around New Year's, but sooner if it fills up. Hopefully by then we'll be jonesing for some box breaks and have the extra finances to buy in!

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