Thursday, January 29, 2015

2014 Stadium Club Mini Box Pack 1

There's been a lot of talk about 2014 Stadium Club, most of it good (in the blogosphere). A common argument is that it's a great product for the price it sits at now (~$50) but a dud at the original price of $100. Hey Topps... DUH!

Stadium Club appeals to people who appreciate cards. In my experience that includes set builders and those who can't afford to waste their money on anything but the best value. Selling a product with 18 packs for $100 doesn't appeal to that demographic in any way. Cut the autographs down, give us 24 packs, and mark it at $70 next year. Common effing business sense. 

I waited for prices to fall below $50 before hopping on a box. So far it's been fantastic. I'll share the last mini box with you all over the next week. Without further adieu...

Pack 1

Did anyone see where the MLB Network named Hanley Ramirez the best leftfielder in baseball? What a joke! The best batter who will play leftfield in 2015? Perhaps. That's entirely different though.


My biggest complaint about 2014 Stadium Club is that once again Topps went overboard with the HDR effect. If you aren't familiar with what that is, think Gypsy Queen. It gives greater detail to light and dark coloring, making Matt Holiday's arms look shiny and shadowy above. It's nice when done well, but annoying otherwise. 

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  1. My biggest issue with the hobby is how much photoshopping is being done to cards. Stadium Club is less guilty than many of the other releases, but I miss a set of nice, clean photos and designs without all the added effects and filters.