Sunday, September 15, 2013

Repack Swap with Swing and a Pop Up

I hope you like scans of baseball cards. Thanks to a repack swap with Swing and a Pop Up, I've got tons to share. 

Ohhhhh! Oh! What does Ken Griffey Jr say!?!?!

No really, what does he say?

Vintage Busby!

After a helluva career, Helton is hanging up the cleats after this season. Does he belong in the HoF? The numbers say probably yes.

Now Appearing... Shannon "Aw Shucks" Stewart and mini squished face Shannon Stewart!

I like this card design.

I don't much like this card design, but Dante Bichette is and underrated ballplayer.

Sweet throwback! 

Goldfish alert!

Jim Eisenreich is a stud and a role model. If you get the time, Google him.

I have never held a 2004 Topps card in my hands. I freaking love the embossed foil figures in the bottom left corner.

Damn you coin cards, you'll never fit in my binder pages comfortably!

Is Kubel's bat broken here or is it just at a funny angle?

Lots of 1970's vintage tossed in, always a win!

This is what made Allen & Ginter so successful. Simplicity. No annoying borders, just a sweet looking picture. Less is more.

Keep sending me 2004 Topps, I REALLY like the bottom-left corner guy! Thanks Swing and a Pop-Up!

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  1. You are welcome. I'd be happy to trade homemade repacks again sometime.