Monday, September 23, 2013

Hell Day Part #1 - David Dejesus Contract

Well folks, today is the day I've been dreading. Tomorrow I go in for my second colonoscopy in the last two months. If you've had a colonoscopy before or know someone who has, you know that the day before is the worst. No food, just liquids and laxatives. LOTS of laxatives. Because of that, I have named today "Hell Day" because it's certainly a day straight from hell. Since I got that gross description out of the way, let me tell you about something better. I'll have quite a bit of time on my hands today, so why not talk about cards to keep my mind off things? Here's the first post of the day of probably several.

You may have seen one of these before, it's a signed contract from Topps. They sell these actual contracts on their Ebay store, which I guess is legal or something. This signed David Dejesus contract was mine for just $10. Dejesus was my favorite Royal during the mid-2000's as an above-average bat in a usually awful lineup. He also had decent defense and a very likable personality. Unfortunately an injury sucked the life out of him and KC threw him out.

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