Saturday, August 24, 2013

2013 Topps Football Review

It makes zero sense that my first real post in a baseball blog would be about football, but it will be. With 2013 Topps Football coming out this week, I decided to shake up the baseball monotony and grab a blaster box from Walmart. For $19.99 you get nine packs PLUS an extra PLUS ANOTHER extra! The second extra is in a cello pack glued to the outside of the box. Here are a few of the highlights and a quick breakdown because I'm not qualified to say too much about a football product.

I like the base card design for the most part. I was hoping they'd continue with the Sea Turtle design from 2013 baseball and WWE, but for whatever reason they didn't. The cards have a facemask towards the bottom with some foil wings above the grill. I was disappointed in the amount of combine shots on the RC's since Topps had no problem Photoshopping other rookies into their team's unis. 

These two were probably my biggest hits of the box. Ironically the last time I really payed close attention to the NFL these two were part of the best receiving core in the game with Kurt Warner at the helm. I was happy to see that Topps also went with pink and gold foil for the parallels instead of sticking with silver. The Boldin is #'d 399 and the Fitzgerald is out of #2013. Both are for trade if someone really wants them, otherwise they'll be off to COMC. 
I'm not really feeling the art deco jukebox design of the 4,000 Yard Club inserts. The backs break down the QB's stats from every game of last season. The 1959 mini cards are beautiful. These look really freaking nice so I'll probably be after the set if I come across a trading partner.

The Gridiron Legends and the Legends in the Making inserts are also aesthetically pleasing. As a Chiefs "fan" it's bittersweet to see our best defensive player since Derrick Thomas on a card, but in that godawful purple. In '98 I was a big Packers fan (and still am a moderate one), so it took a lot for me to like a Terrell Davis card.

This was the manufactured patch card. The card looks fine, but I've got a lot of personal issues with it. These will be collectible because some idiots out there will think that by collecting these cards, they're supporting the troops. Bullshit. Topps isn't giving a dime (as far as I know) to any military charities in conjunction with selling these cards. They're simply profiting off of Americans dying overseas. Even worse is the pink ribbon ones, which again benefit breast cancer research in no way. If someone else knows something I don't, please chime in. 

All in all the box was a nice break from baseball and offered a good bang for the buck.   

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