Monday, June 16, 2014

A&G Relic Exchange Update & Contest Results

Less than a month ago I introduced the A&G Relic Exchange to a lot of support. A free contest was held to kick it off, with a lot of worthy entries. I'm pumped to random off the winner, but first, let's see the booty that was added over the last few days. A month ago there was 50 A&G relics in the program, today there are more than 150! 

Here are a boatload of 2012's that I picked up via Ebay:

The next seven came via Judson at My Cardboard Habit. I'm hoping Judson had a helluva weekend on the lake and isn't nursing too bad of a sunburn. 

Rosario has become one of my top unintentional PC guys. He has so many good cards!

I traded out a 2013 Paul O'Neill not to long ago, so I was pumped to restock!

This is now my favorite celebrity relic. I was hoping it would be a piece of his suit (like the 2012 Gumbel) but it appears to be a t-shirt. Still cool!

If any cards look off-center, it's because my scanner likes to autocrop at weird times. The nice thing about mini-relics is that they're pretty universally solid on centering. 


There were 48 entries in the contest - Everyone is eligible to win one prize

Grand Prize: A 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Blaster Box
2nd Prize: Your choice of any A&G relic from the exchange database
3rd Prize: Same as 2nd prize, but 2nd gets to choose first


2nd Prize: Hackenbush
3rd Prize: Roger

Congrats guys, thanks to everyone who played! If you had your eye on an A&G relic, feel free to email me to set up a trade! 


  1. Wow...too bad I was only eligible to win 1 time! :-)

    Thanks a ton for the contest, and if there are any relics in the blaster that are not Brewers, they are going into your relic pool.

    1. Thanks man! I'll get in touch when A&G comes out.

  2. Congrats on a super contest. I'm humbled to be the 3rd place finisher. Anything Cardinals will do (after Tony L & Hackenbush have chosen of course). BTW the Wainwright hasn't arrived yet (as of 6/16) so I guess the USPS got hungry and ate!

  3. Hey, Thanks so much! I'm tempted to take the Mark Cuban but I have to go with John McEnroe. I'll e-mail you my address.