Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Set COMPLETED - 2013 Gypsy Queen Minis

I can't remember why I started the 2013 Gypsy Queen mini set. At one point I had so many of them that I figured, "Why not?" It became an obsession. The 2013 GQ SP's were randomly #'d, not sequentially like they are this year. They were extremely hard to find, I found 2 to 3 of the black parallels #'d to 199 for every base mini SP. Work has begun on the 2014 Gypsy Queen mini set, but it'll be tough to fervor up the energy to get it done. Either way, putting together this set was actually a lot of fun! Enjoy!

Note: You'll notice this isn't a "true" set. Some of the minis are color parallels and some are the hobby box alternates. I don't know if that makes it a frankenset, but work with what you've got.


  1. Awesome well done, still trying to complete mine !

  2. Great job on compiling this. BUT, to have the complete base colored set you should have all 350 plus variations w/o and dark green/ black/ sepia or wood colored variations. It is very hard to do. I need 13 to complete my set. It is not the variations that are difficult, it is the base card mini SP ones. I agree with your assessment of the degree of difficulty to find these cards. Shame on Topps