Sunday, January 5, 2014

No Wait in 2014

Christmas came and went, but my best card gift came in 2014! After making a cheesy joke about a Gallagher show-used watermelon relic card (which doesn't exist... yet), a friendship was born between P-Town Tom and myself. 

Coming to an Allen & Ginter set near you hopefully soon
Tom again proved that there's no place like blogland for generosity and taste. Here are some of my favorites:
These two are the day glow parallels from 2013 Archives. Of course they look way better in person but don't scan well.

A '99 Bowman Chrome RC of good ol' Dermal Brown

The one and only Royal in the Finest base set this year I think.
Maybe I don't mind Panini since they tend to do a good job with the Royals uniforms. I really like 2013 Prizm, but I know I'm in the minority

Seriously, this is one of the best Alex Gordon cards of 2013. Plus, Panini has no issue with including him in every set unlike Topps.

A great Brian McRae card coming off the best season of his career and an awesome odd-ball Brett from a Kay Bee Toys set that I needed. 

The fire-armed prospect I've been waiting years for. Expect to see tons of his RC's in 2014 Topps, I just hope he makes the OD rotation.

I've longed for this relic on COMC for a while, but had thought that the AG- was also a jersey piece. Turns out it's just the J. UD had some wacky relic decisions towards the end, but I love it nonetheless!

Here's probably the most significant Royals RC since 1975 Topps #228 and now I own it. Boom!

And here's the card that kicked the friendship off. Thanks Tom, no idea how I'll match this awesome gift but I'll do my best!


  1. I've seen numerous of those Archives Day Glow cards around the blogosphere and they NEVER scan well. I wonder why that is?

    I'm glad you liked the Royals package... I've never had a Royals guy to trade with before so I've just been collecting Royals goodness and stashing it. Glad I could share!

    1. Excellent, and I'm glad to have a Cubs guy too!