Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Killer COMC Swipe

I'd be the first to admit I have an addiction to COMC. As soon as I sell a card and have a few pennies in my balance, I'm constantly refreshing to see what new cards are added. Thankfully, I'm more of a browser than a buyer. The beauty of COMC is you can admire a card and even read the back without buying it. The majority of COMC sales seem to go to "Flippers". These sharks scour COMC looking for an under-priced card that they can either purchase and put up for sale on COMC, or have shipped and sell elsewhere. Those guys are good too. Every once in a while I try to play along, but to varying degrees of success. Last night I think I hit a winner though. 

Can you guess the price I paid? Click here for the answer. Not too bad, eh? They've sold on Ebay for as high as $50+ and as low as around $20. Mine is now re-listed on COMC for a fairly high price that I'm willing to take offers on, but I have no problem holding onto the card or eventually trading it. 

After a pretty insane rookie season with 31 GS, 15 Wins, and a 3.06 ERA, Shelby Miller disappeared in the postseason. Michael Wacha came out of nowhere to dominate headlines and steal Miller's thunder, while Miller got just 1 IP in the postseason. Were there injury concerns? No, the odd use was and still is a mystery. There were rumors of a trade during the offseason, but nothing came of them. Miller is ready to get back into the rotation and dominate, and I'm pretty pumped to own a pointless but gorgeous RC parallel for just $6.

For just $38 or $35, you can join the Typhoon Haiyan Charity Group Break to benefit Childfund International and the thousands of starving children in the Philippines. Shoot me an email to reserve your team and join in the fun! 

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