Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blue Border Beauties Pt 1

Forgive me for last night's rant, but damn it felt good to rant. Yesterday morning I went grocery shopping and did my usual stop at the card aisle. Of course there weren't any 2014 boxes out yet, so I grabbed a hangar box of 2013 Update and have officially kicked off my PC of blue border beauties. If you missed this post, I have come to terms with my love for blue borders and have decided to embrace them. That means that if you find any 2014 Topps blue borders at Wally World, you know where to send them! My goal is to take out the 2014 blue set, but I'm also going to start a frankenset of blue border cards from past releases. That means I definitely need any past blue borders or parallels you have from Bowman, Topps or anywhere else. Let's see the goodies! 
US122 Danny Duffy - Kansas City Royals 
US251 Aaron Harang - Seattle Mariners

US66 James Russel - Chicago Cubs

US107 Andrew Bailey - Boston Red Sox

US117 Willie Bloomquist - Arizona Diamondbacks

Blue Thoughts: 

There weren't any key RC's or star players, but pulling the Danny Duffy was the card god's way of saying "You're on the right track, my son." Barring anymore injuries, the Royals will finally be able to get an extended look at Duffman in the rotation this year and I'm pumped for it. 

I'd love to know how Willie Bloomquist is still playing baseball. I swear this guy has blackmail on all 30 GM's and USA Baseball. Or they've just seen what he can do to a boar. Through 150 plate appearances, Bloomers slashed .317/.360/.367 in 2013 for the Diamondbacks. That's one of the best years of his career, and it's not uncommon for his SLG to be below his OBP. In the field, he fits the definition of "Spork" perfectly, he can do about anything but he can't do anything well. 

So there we go, the first 5 entries into the frankenset binder. Make my day and hook me up with some people who can help the binder grow!

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  1. I have an excess of blue parallels. I have lots of Wal Mart blues from 2013 update, lots of blue sapphires /199 from 2013 Topps chrome, and lots of blue parallels /199 from 2010 Topps chrome.

    Shoot me an email an let me know exactly what you're looking for: