Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014 Topps Officially Begins + Charity Break SPECIAL!

On my detour to Walmart yesterday, I decided to check to see if 2013 Update was in stock yet (Get it? Walmart is so slow at stocking cards!). To my surprise, Walmart had 2014 Topps on display! Of course I grabbed a blaster, despite my scathing preview. When I opened it something magical happened. I realized that if I put my thumb over the annoying sidebar with the team name... these cards don't look that bad! Not anywhere near as good as 2013, but still not... that... bad. The reason I went with a blaster is so I could get 20 cards closer to the blue border complete set. Here are a few of my favorite blue border beauties.
Sick shot of Victorino and a nice RC of Wong.

Durrr nice swing Swish! Cool shot of J-Hey.

I figured we'd get some Rivera retirement cards, but I'm very happy to see Todd Helton included too.
Is Puigmania still on? If so I think I got a pretty desirable parallel. My scanner thinks the color red meant to be the color pink, so it went ahead and fixed it.

1989 Topps Mini Diecuts are okay, but the odd edges bend easily. These are on a very light cardstock that could almost pass as real authentic cardboard.

You'll have to take my word that these inserts look pretty good in person.

I put manu-patch in a toploader and sleeve, so it looks like poo. In real life, these are pretty cool. The photo is on "silk", but the border and team logo are diecut plastic that hovers a few millimeters over the silk for a neat shadow effect. 

Wow, the gold parallels are going to be sexy for Royals this year. The gold flows well with the blue & gold team colors. I'll have no choice but to build this team set.

2014 Typhoon Haiyan Charity Break UPDATE

I set a date of February 1st to fill at least 15 slots to guarantee the charity break happens. Damn we're close! Thing is, I really do need to hit that slot so I'm certain we at least break even. Therefore, I'm holding a ridiculous special between today and Saturday...

TWO Random Teams for just $40!!!!!!!!

That's right. I've had random teams set at $35 each, but you can claim two for just $40 total. On the day of the break, we'll random off the remaining teams on to see which teams you won! Not only will this help out a very special cause, but it's a decent investment that could easily earn you your money back plus some. Email me to claim one of these specials before the end of the day on Saturday, February 1st.