Thursday, August 29, 2013

$19.99 Walmart Random Repack Box

The break itch hit me hard last night and coincidentally, I had to get some groceries, so naturally I made the long half mile drive to Wally World. After a quick glance over the available blasters and loosies, I realized it was dry like always. For a little town in the middle of Kansas, there are some serious collectors hidden around here who like their retail. I wish I knew who they were, but they must stealthily slip through the shadows between feeling up loose packs and bending them to see if there's a thick card inside.

I went to the bottom shelf and grabbed my old faithful, a box of random retail and fat packs repackaged by MJ Holding. For $20 you get something like 14 packs, so it's usually a pretty good deal. The downside is they often have 3 or 4 packs of "modern" junk wax like 2010 Upper Deck. Fine by me, 2010 UD had some of the best photography of the last few years!

Let's dig in.

One pack of 2010 UD landed me this "Supreme" Justin Morneau. For most of his career I've despised him as he slammed homer after homer off of the Royals pitching staff. Now that he's in his last year with the Twinkies, I'm rooting for him to find success elsewhere. The NAP Votto is a sharp looking card from 2012 Heritage and the 2012 A&G Morrison is a SP.

Included here is a RC of Wilin Rosario because like most Rockies, I think he deserves more attention. He's passed 20 HR's on the year after 28 last year and has an OPS over .800. He does strikeout too much, but who doesn't these days, especially in a hack-happy park like Coors Field. This box introduced me to 2009 UD Spectrum for the first time. It instantly reminded me of Bowman Platinum and that's not necessarily a good thing. Spectrum treated me well on our first date as you'll see later on.

I think I own three copies of this Johnson-Strasburg Legendary Lineage card now. That's not a bad thing, I have a small Walter Johnson PC going on. Johnson grew up in Humboldt, KS which is only about an hour and a half from where I live. He's hands down the best player ever to come out of this state. The 2012 "Golden Orange Moments" card of Jim Palmer almost didn't make me gag. I despise this insert line, but for some reason it works okay with an Oriole. 

These cards all came from a single pack of 2009 UD O Pee Chee. At one time Carl Crawford was the most exciting player in the league. Those days are long behind him, but I'm glad he's found a suitable role in LA. This Luke Scott card has a black border which makes it the first one of it's kind that I've pulled. It's a pretty cool photo too. The Braves checklist was included because it's the shittiest team card I've ever seen. We get a boring shot of the outfield on a day where no one showed up. Even worse, the videoboard displays an image of Hanley Ramirez. Pretty poor effort all around.

This is how black bordered minis in A&G should be done. They had something good going and tossed it out in favor of a boring solid black border for 2013 A&G. Why? Wasn't a fan of the Golden Great inserts, but a Hammerin' Hank in a Milwaukee uni gets me going any day. I'll say it again, I'm not hard to please.

This pack of Spectrum made me fall in love. First I pulled this green parallel of Dice-K that would have brought decent cash when it first came out. It's #'d 81/99. On the other side was a gray swatch from Dan Haren, pitcher for the Oak... I mean Arizona Diamondbacks? Apparently "Spectrum Technology" was invented before Photoshop or airbrushing. If I'm an A's fan, I'm angry that it says D-Backs. If I'm a D-Backs fan, I don't want a card with a player in an A's jersey on it. Spectrum, I thought we had something but it's this lack of commitment that tells me it'll just never work between us.

The surprise hit of the box was this 2012 Prince Fielder SP. In this photo we have Prince wearing a hat like a douche whilst pretending he wouldn't rather be anywhere else. This card has a $15 BV and is on its way to COMC unless a Tigers fan really wants it. 

This is one of the best repack boxes I've purchased this year. It's rare to find a relic inside one of these because most packs are loosies that were left at the bottom of their original retail box to be felt up by neckbeards and scumbags. For every one good box I've had two or three BAD boxes with nothing but commons and cheap inserts. Thankfully, I like commons and cheap inserts. See a card you want? Hit me up for a trade! 

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